Zombie Kong Neverdie Studios / Universal Studios 2014

This movie-length massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) event is inspired by Universal Pictures’ thriller The Thing prequel. It exists as an experience within NEVERDIE Studios’ ROCKtropia, a vibrant, digital hangout where players can socialize and congregate with millions of other players worldwide. Players can go on missions; win coveted virtual prizes with high cash values; buy, sell and trade virtual goods in a $100 million-plus marketplace; listen to live music; play games; and even travel through space to other MMOGs. To hunt ZOMBIE KONG, gamers work together to grind through more than 1600 Zombies before the ZOMBIE KONG Boss appears. Loot is automatically shared according to the amount of damage dealt by each player. In addition to looting valuable treasures with real cash value, players are collecting Map Fragments that will lead them to discover the secret of KING KONG and unlock further adventures.
Free Game (uploaded by Official Site)

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