Torus Syndicate, The Codeate 2016

Early Access Release: Experience the intense, non-stop action of the arcade rail-shooter in virtual reality. Play as Lucas Lawson, a rookie cop swept into the dramatic underworld of the Torus Syndicate. Put your shooting and dodging skills to the test as you battle across metropolis in a quest for justice. Classic rail shooter designed for VR. Designed from the ground up for Room Scale VR, Torus Syndicate draws inspiration from classic arcade shooter games while adding new possibilities not possible in the genre. Dodge, Shoot, and Take cover across multiple locations in the campaign mode, and uncover the criminal underworld of the Torus Syndicate. The custom designed locomotion system is a new approach to moving in room-scale, allowing the player to make full use of their space in the game world. Node AI director - Advanced AI enemies take cover, shoot on the move, use abilities, and flank players. Put your skills to the test as you face-off against the deadly agents of the syndicate. More to come: Co-op mode, Survival mode, and new characters are on the road map.
Download: None currently available

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