Rake, The: Red Forest Kiddy 2016

This is an indie horror game. The Red Forest is one of the most unique spots in the Chernobyl area, with various mutations still taking place here. It is visited by tourists wishing to see something extraordinary. Both plant and animal mutants can be seen here. However, this time scientists found a creature of a new kind that they have never seen before. Now they are ready to pay a lot of money for catching it so they could study it, for it may turn out to be Rake. People from different corners of the world start coming to this place, hoping to catch the creature and earn money. Now there is even a local dealer here who is ready to sell weapons to everyone interested. Rake was last seen two years ago, but all the attempts to catch him failed then, and the scientist who had made those attempts was found dead in his trailer among the woods. The main objective of the game is to kill the Rake.
Download: None currently available

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