Melon Squash! Ichigo-Citron 2006

This is a side-scrolling shooter that features stages like the ones found in Konamis' Contra series. Gameplay involves piloting a vehicle at high-speed, taking out enemies and blasting through obstacles to reach your objective. It is good for a change of pace, and though the graphics are of the "cute" variety, the game itself seems very well done. You have a primary weapon, which fires continuously with ‘Z‘ held down. ‘X‘ jumps your “bike” and will move you to a higher rail if one exists. Jumping while holding ‘down‘ will move you down a rail. Your weapon’s firing direction is controlled by ‘up‘ and ‘down‘, but you’re limited to roughly 90 degrees in front. Your secondary weapon (of which you choose from 4) charges and is fired with ‘C‘.
Full Demo 219MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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