Magical Cannon Girl 2 KIT-Station 2010

Two years ago, the world was dealing with the terror of the powerful demon, Belial (this means that the story would take place two years later in MCG2). However, one magical gun/cannon girl appeared and defeated him (Rebecca, the heroine) and it looked as if the world had returned to a calm, normal state. However, capitalizing on the chaos that had occurred due to Belial, the "Shubarg (or Shubarugu) Empire" appeared and invaded countries while they were vulnerable. The Shubarg Empire possesses a powerful military force and the invasions were ordered by a powerful dictator...unfortunately, the emperor of the Shubarg empire is still young and basically at the mercy of the military and doesn't have much, if any, control. With this new crisis around, the leader of Firan Kingdom (the same kingdom from the first) once again requested help from Rebecca's family...the request was simple: "I want you to save the kingdom and the countries from the Shubarg Empire!" This time, however, 2 magical cannon girls accepted the kingdom's request. The first is Rebecca, who is itching for some action and hasn't done any major fighting for 2 years. The newcomer, Yuna, is close to Rebecca and if Rebecca goes, she wants to go too...however, Rebecca, being a bit of a "veteran" at this point, urges her that the matter is which Yuna responds that she understands and will be careful...and with that out of the way, the 2 girls take to the skies...Rebecca, the spunky one, and Yuna, the more shy and timid one...the dialogue is different depending on who you choose. If you played the first one, you will notice that Rebecca doesn't have her companion, Rapha, with her...instead, Yuna takes over Rapha's ability when using her bomb attack (she fires a homing shot that spirals and hits enemies on screen). Rebecca's standard shot is a spread shot that covers a pretty good area when powered up. Yuna gets "option" type units that go to the sides of her to cover a bit of a radius when she is powered up, but they can also come close to her to concentrate her firepower to a small area for maximum damage. Rebecca's shots are weaker than Yuna, so it depends on your play preference. Rebecca's bomb is the same as the first game; a powerful magical beam cannon that destroys things in a straight path. You still have the ability to make your character turn around to attack enemies that try to come from behind. Also, regarding the aforementioned bombs, just like the previous game, the longer you charge your energy, the stronger the bomb attack will be. There are point items (as well as stars that give you bonus points; you can get these by using your bomb attacks to take out enemy fire; they reset after each stage) as well as healing items too...Your power will drop whenever you are hit and bomb attacks can be interrupted if hit, even though they can destroy enemy bullets, so it is ideal to learn to spot openings to charge your energy. At any rate, the visuals are decent (a step up from the previous game), the music is actually very nice (better than the first), and the game can get VERY the previous game, it's solid and inexpensive to download.
included in Magical Cannon Girl 2-in-1 - Full Demo 65MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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