Yakouga 4 Artesneit 2006

This third shmup in the series (Yakouga 3 was a platformer), changes from horizontal shooters of the past to a vertical shooter this time. Here, we fight in much more natural and reassuring environments, namely a fairly bucolic world but very colorful in the way of a Mushihimesama. Once you have chosen a character, you have left for a colorful and trying war. The weapons remains classic: direct or flared shot, powerful attack but exhausting for the protagonists of the game (in the sense that it slows the player, yes, again), and a gameplay again very classic for who knows this type of production: Crusaders enemies and projectiles packages that go with enemies resistant artfully scattered during your career, and boss monsters where you can destroy parts by the end of levels. But the quality of the realization makes us forget its lack of originality. As usual, the decors are top class, nickel chrome, the soundtrack opts for a more "melodic" rendering, patterns are really furious, in short, a very fun game that brings everything you can legitimately expect of a manic shooter , with the particularity of requiring the player ultimately more speed in the execution of maneuvers positioning reflexes (not exaggerate anyway, it is better to know where on the screen). Of course, this works especially at the beginning, from the second level it becomes frankly difficult and several parts will be necessary to get to survive. The vermin in question is also very pleasant to look at, the sprites are fine and the game enjoys an obvious graphic care. The game is really beautiful, and everything is assembled to give a very good doujin.
Full Demo 66MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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