Alien Attack Epsilon Soft / Ediciones Mago 1997

This is a rare Spanish cosmic shooter in first-person view. According to some reports, originally distributed as a free supplement to a magazine about video games, and its very creation was the result of the developer's participation in a kind of contest - although later there was also a commercial version. The whole essence of the gameplay is a "flight" in outer space (if flashing white dots - and other objects - on a black screen may be called that) and shooting asteroids and enemies, who are represented by several types of aircraft, and not only (for example, there are "living plasmoids). There's no additional "lives" too - there is only a certain "margin of safety", abbreviated due to hits from enemy weapons, collisions with asteroids and explosions - if the object is destroyed next to you too close. The methods to fill "health" are there, and a top scores board. Graphics, as such, are minimized - even on the "flight" there are several recurring on the screen (and in fact static) relatively large celestial bodies; the effects of the explosion can be restrained but can be called "quite good". But, of course, for commercial games, and even came out in the mid-1990s, a similar picture of quality is hardly possible to consider as acceptable; but the music in the intro turned out just great.
Full Demo 1.11MB (uploaded by

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