MetaTron TubbyKiD UG (haftungsbeschränkt) 2016

Early Access Release You're TRON! One of many, but maybe one day the Chosen one. Learn, mutate and become what could be the new crown of creation. You play one of 6 clones bred on distant planets. Your whole existence to become the perfect organic weapon. Learn new skills and adjust them to your style of play. Build huts, or whole palaces. Be the guardian at night and protect your rare resources with your Team. Or be the lone ranger, which roams through the Woods and Plains and relies only on himself. It sends you on a journey and offers a world that really makes you want to "play survival". It has an XP system, customizable weapons, vehicles, buildings and airdrops: combined in a way that you quickly develop your TRON, but discover much on the way doing so. You can either play on official and community servers, or you can host your own dedicated server.
Download: None currently available

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