Advanced Gaming Platform::Epica AGP::Studios 2016

Early Access Release Marked for death by the Imperial Corporation, you have been marooned on a desolate planet in the Attria Prime system. Fight to survive the inhospitable frontier in a post-earth dystopia. This is a tactical, open world RPG intended for advanced players seeking a challenge. Open class system - Experience limitless freedom in character creation as you customize your character with 216 skills slots - without your hand leaving WASD. Eliminate enemies with rifle, shotgun, stealth, cover and grenade skills from the Assault class skills Infiltrate the networks of your adversaries - or reign down orbital and electrical attacks with Cybermage skills. Build an army and command it with the Commander orders and summons. Craft your way to victory using Engineer skills. Currently: 24 skills implemented, 34 skills in final internal testing (Cybermage, Engineer and Pilot). Upcoming planned development includes additional melee skills, Akimbo pistol skills, gunsmithing skills and expansion of all existing classes. Random Quest Generator: Engage in uninterrupted game play flow for as long as you want; Mission Mode allows you to start random quests as you explore; Enable Explore Mode to disable random missions from occurring and explore the vast open worlds in the Attria Prime system; Let me hold that for you - let the Loot Broker accumulate your mission rewards and collect them when you're done. Combat - Fight your way through unending waves of enemies; Advanced lethality system picks up where most games drop off - one shot, one kill Lethality based combat; No hit points - strike enemies in vulnerable areas instead of spending hours grinding down a health bar; Watch your back - Advanced AI units coordinate together to flank, suppress and destroy the players without mercy.
Download: None currently available

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