Operation Hardcore Adam McLellan, Ricardo Chirino 2016

Dateline: Earth, 1999. An unprovoked alien invasion is underway. You, a total badass, don't really appreciate it. You won't stand for it. You're downright outraged. You pack up some essentials--guns, cigars, whiskey--and head out into the night. Little do you know that tonight you will make history. This is an action-packed 2D side-scrolling shooter inspired by classic twitchy action games of yesteryear, but with modern touches and conveniences. You can: fight your way past enemies using a range of weapons; double-jump your way around obstacles and hazards; activate your traditional plasma-based shield to deflect enemy fire; drink some whiskey to slow time and increase damage (...at the expense of mental clarity); strap on a jetpack and get airborne for some classic forced-scrolling challenges; collect coins to purchase items, weapons and upgrades between levels; meet or beat level par times to earn yourself a brag-worthy Badass Rank; grab a friend for some friendly and/or competitive; 2 player local co-op. Game Features: 12 levels of fiery, bloody, explosive-y alien-blasting mayhem; 4 playable badasses; analog controls for precise 360 degree aiming; modern sound design and electronic soundtrack by Snug; intense 2 player local co-op; modern particle/atmospheric and lighting effects; multiple difficulty settings, upgrade paths and secret areas; achievements and unlockables for the overachieving, enterprising badass.
Download: None currently available

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