Psyche Metal: The Bleeding Dark Hell Company 2011

This is a very gory and very hardcore bullet hell shooter. It makes you wonder what kind of music the developers listen to... who said Cannibal Corpse? There are five total stages. It's a sequel to a series of games made with the Dezaemon 2 tool for the Sega Saturn. You play as a flying eyeball, moving through grotesque levels of flesh, body parts and corpses, firing smaller eyeballs at the disembodied heads, hands and other grotesque enemies that spew blood red bullets at you. Destroyed enemies can drop blue, red or green skull icons for shield power, weapon power or bonus points respectively. Grazing bullets grant you points as well as increase your "rampage" meter. Getting hit with a full rampage meter not only absorbs one extra hit, but will make you fire super-powered shots for a couple seconds. The rampage meter still fills up when full, so you can "store" several filled meters at one time. Aside from the fire button, you have one button that temporarily slows time in exchange of losing two levels of weapon power, and one slows your movement, making the tight-knit bullet patterns easier to dodge. You have three lives, and losing them means game over. There are four available difficulty levels to choose from. You can also choose to practice a single stage that you've reached before.
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Free Game 6MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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