DoTonPachi Maximum Gustav / Vatsug Interactive Co. Ltd. 2012

This is a parody shmup game of DoDonPachi. The visual style takes getting used to though as green dominates the screen in the first level. Once you get past that, it gets better though. The main button is Z, which you not only use for selecting menu items but also to fire in the game. You control menus and your spaceship with the cursor keys on the keyboard. I have not tried to play it with a gamepad and can't really say if one is supported by the game or not. The X key is used for secondary fire. When you start you get to select a space ship type of a couple available ones. Each space ship has a different set of weapons that you can make use of to get as far as possible in the game. Once you are thrown into the game you will notice two things. Number one that your space ship fires a lot of bullets every second, and that enemies fire as many at you. The first couple of enemy ships are rather easy to dodge, but once you start your first boss fight, after about 30 seconds in, you will be hard pressed staying alive due to the sheer amount of bullets that fly your way. But that is only the first boss out of many in the game. Every 30 seconds or so another boss comes up with new attack types and moves. You will fail, a lot of times, in this game. It is just really hard and can be at times an incredible frustrating experience. On the other hand, beating a boss that you died a dozen times before on is something that may compensate for that. The game is well done, great music, you get voice overs, and visuals are fine as well for a freeware game.
Full Demo 119MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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