Beyond Despair PixelMate / Heatherglade 2017

Early Access Release This is a multiplayer game in survival horror genre. The game takes place on Ansora island - epicenter of paranormal catastrophe, which was two years before the game period. The island is an extremely dangerous and hostile environment full of monsters, anomalies and global events. Player is a volunteer of corporation "New Light". It started a campaign to research the island and search for facts about events which took place two years ago. The world has its story described in notes, audio records and environments. You appear on the southern shore. Your survival on Ansora starts. World of Beyond Despair is full of dangers. Every move you make may lead to unexpected results, next turn on your journey may be the last one. It is not an easy task to survive on the island. That is the reason why the corporation has sent several thousand of volunteers to the island. But who knows may be you are the one who will conquer this world full of chaos and madness? Get ready to not only look for food and water to keep your character alive. Changing weather, global events, monsters and previous citizens of the island , ghost, ilnesses and anomalies... and many other problems are there for you to solve or evade. Think you are prepared? Real survival is waiting for you ahead. If you want to add variety to your gameplay and some purpose, then BD has a main story and generated missions for you. These will tell you a lot of useful information about the island and let you learn some secrets of the corporation "New Light". Horror is not just a word in the genre, people really get scared when play the game. Unique setting based on industrialism, dieselpunk and style of 30-40s of the 20th century. Craft mods for guns and melee weapons or make consumables, meds and food. You can die not only from starvation but also from low temperatures, anomalies, bad weather conditions, global events and wildlife. Various generated missions and local events coupled with main quest will add variety to your gameplay and tell new facts from Ansora history and events of the past. Develop your character and choose perks, this will increase your chances to survive. Stealth system lets you avoid enemies or take them down without raising the alarm.
Download: None currently available

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