Clown Prince Rises, The gizmo01942 & Night-Sky 2012

*Warning: This game will be offensive to some people as it recreates an actual tragedy.* This is an EDF 2 original game, created with the Torque Game Engine, allowing players to re-enact the events of the Aurora Theater Shooting in an FPS style. Soon after the tragedy, two brave members of Encyclopedia Dramatica announced on the forum that they were adapting the incident into a game. Three months later and "The Clown Prince Rises" was unleashed to the eagerly expectant public. The gameplay is pretty simple. You are spawned near the left side of the theater while the theater goers are too absorbed in watching their movie to notice the creepy guy with a shotgun, two pistols, and an assault rifle ready to perform one objective: Kill them! As you start shooting the targets, they will waddle with two frames of animation as fast they can for the theater exits on either side of the room, and if they make it to the doors they will disappear. The hit boxes are tiny, so to maximize your kill count aim for the upper shoulders/head area. Sometimes, if you allowed guys with guns to spawn, they will be in the aisles, shooting in straight lines with a very small range, but as long as you aren't in their path their bullets miss almost always and it's almost impossible to die in this game anyway. You can scroll through your weapons with the wheel on your mouse, but they all have the same chances to kill the targets and, once you've gotten bored, you can leave by walking for the doors of the theater, and afterwards you get to see your kill count. There are also a few cheats you can use to make the game more "fun". "mohamedscock" gives you a rocket launcher, which makes killing everyone easy. "sandrabullock" gives you a glitchy automatic dildo launcher. "vtechrules" locks the doors so the audience can't escape. "tupaclives" is a godmode cheat, but since it's pretty much impossible to die in this game anyway its pretty damn useless. You can always play again for a higher score, but otherwise the replay value is minimal. Using cheats or being more or less accurate can affect the story told by the newspaper, but this is only fun for around 2 minutes.
Free Game 60MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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