Revolgear II Bikkuri Software 2012

Seemingly inspired by Thunderforce, this free horizontal shoot 'em up includes arcade-quality sound, XBox 360 joypad support built in (using either d-pad or analogue stick), and the inclusion of four craft each with different weapon systems results in the game being quite replayable. It even has those 'WARNING A HUGE SHIP IS APPROACHING' boss notifications, which are always fun. The first stage (A Summer Day) introduces you to the alien aggressors in what is probably one of the more difficult out of the game's five short stages (based on Earth, Mars and beyond). Power-ups dropped by enemies and capsules cycle through speed increase (white) and the different weapon types (red, green, blue) - and there are also collectable options or satellites that either follow your ships movements or stay in formation either side (depending on the ship selected by the player). It's a 16-bit model shooting game made with Shooting Game Builder. The game-play is similar to Gradius. You can select various ships and play up to 8 stages. Also you can use practice mode if you have difficulties on some stages. Another additional mode is Boss Rush, but need to be unlocked first. Second Brightness is mostly a content patch for it. Ver.D Revision is a Darius-esque arrange made by another developer named XYRS, while Ver.D Revision EX is a Black Label with various changes.
Ver.D REVISION+EX - Free Game 73MB (uploaded by Supernova)
Second Brightness v1.60 54MB (uploaded by Supernova)

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