Kirisame Blade Bikkuri Software 2013

This is the third free shmup project from the developer using Shooting Game Builder, a horizontal shooting game with the aim achieving the highest score possible in a fixed period time. The player controls a futuristic ship equipped with unusual weapon; dual energy blades similar to a high-tech scissors capable of cutting and destroying the enemy. Pressing the fire button repeatedly will make the blades destroy enemy at different heights. Holding down the same button will put the blades straight ahead, stronger but ship will move slower. The most interesting part is the blades can be double for a limited time. With bigger size player can hit easily and more effectively. The ship can move at super speed for a few seconds and player may rely on temporary shield. There are four game modes but the goal remains the same; collect coins from fallen enemies to unlock new features from shop.
Free Game v1.20 42MB (uploaded by Supernova)

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