Radline Quarantine ELBAITE 2017

How Long Will You Survive? Explore hostile world, where hordes of zombies stalk remaining humans at night and groups of survivors cooperate to survive when lights go out, by all means. Defend – prepare tools, weapons, traps and barricades to defend yourself at night. Cooperate or Compete – when you are not convinced that you can survive on your own, join other survivors or team up with your friends. Explore – large map, offering unique experience. Learn it well, because it’s a key to survival. Fight – when you can’t avoid meeting zombies you must grab a weapon and fight. But remember, they always have numerical superiority and they hit hard. Survive – experience real hardcore survival mechanics in game where even single zombie can kill you if he catches you off guard. Loot – scavenge the world for weapons, tools, ammo and gather resources. Without them you have no chance.
Download: None currently available

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