Battlefield 1: They Shall Not Pass DLC EA DICE, Digital Illusions CE / Electronic Arts Inc. 2017

The first pay-to-play expansion pack for Battlefield 1 - a popular online shooter game set in the World-War I period. It brings a new game mode called Frontlines, which combines the Conquest and the Rush modes together. Two sides of the conflict fight one another for control over certain, interconnected spots. Once the headquarters and all the outposts are in control of a team, a sequence resembling the Rush mode begins - the teams attack the telegraph posts or defend them against the opposition. The French Army is the new playable faction introduced in this expansion, and Trench Raider is the new elite class, which specializes in melee combat and use of grenades. It also brings new equipment, namely Char 2C Super Heavy Tank, St. Chamond tank, and Siege Howitzer. Furthermore, the game was enriched with four new maps inspired by well-known battles of the First World War: Verdun Heights, Fort Vaux, Rupture and Soissons.
Download: None currently available

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