Chousoku Shoujo: Hypersonic Speed Girl disfact 2011

This is a horizontally scrolling shooter where the player maneuvers Aya Shameimaru who must defend herself from enemies, bullets and obstacles through various environments. Aya can increase her speed, stops when needed and uses bombs which clear enemy bullets, destroy all enemies on-screen when used, or to break obstacles if Aya is about to crash. When Aya reaches ultra speed at 1250 km/h, Hyper Mode will be activated which causes Aya will not be affected by enemies and obstacles. The player's scores increases on a linear scale as the player reaches higher speed. Each level ends with a boss fight and the game will plays like any traditional Touhou danmaku battle game with same command button; shift key for focus, z key serves as shoot and x key for bomb.
Full Demo 277MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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