Kikai Shusi Akira Hut Original 2013

Mechanical fighters and machine tanks, and even the mechanical turret block the way. Machine soldier with RF element mounted "Machine apostle Rangeo Goss of Fury". It will be easy to defeat if it overlaps the battery. Take back the port deprived by the machine corps. "Machine apostle My Lord of joy" appeared. Please pay attention to cooperation attack with this machine apostle, boat with rocket battleship. Assault the floating position of the machine empire. And the stage goes outside the stratosphere. The AG propeller raises a beat and topples the machine space boat. A fierce fight at the center of the machine empire. The most masculine shooter, the difficulty is Very Hard only. It is incredibly high level of insanity, but it can strengthen the aircraft as much as you want with KDK system. Even inexperienced shooter games can be cleared Kindly set. The last barrier is lost and it is activated at the pinch of desperate punishment. Safety equipment is released, the machine gun energy jumps to attack power of 2.5 times or more than normal attack.
Trial Demo 50MB (uploaded by Official Site)
Full Demo 88MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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