Helium rocketship 2017

Nothing disappears or arises from nowhere in the Universe, everything simply transforms. Thus, hydrogen atoms collide in star interiors to form a new matter - helium. In the distant future, a group of outer space explorers discovered a strange signal coming from planet Gliese 86b. After entering the orbit the sensors have spotted the signal source - it was an artifact of an unknown nature and origin. The captain decided to land and examine their finding. When trying to land the system malfunctioned, equipment failure resulted in crash landing. You are a liaison on Vega 237 spacecraft. All crew members died and you are all by yourself in the midst of an unknown planet. Your goal is to find out what happened to the crew and establish the signal's nature. Features: Hardcore sci-fi first person shooter; Research the surface of an unknown planet; Use fantastic weapons to fight alien life forms; Use hovercycle to travel to distant places; Face and encounter strange events and phenomenons happening on the planet; Discover what happened by looking for messages left by the crew.
Download: None currently available

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