Erst Kerf Silhouette White 2009

This is a doujin bullet-hell shmup mixed with a dungeon crawler. Liz is a graduate student who studies archeology of the Royal Central University. Along with Raha, her classmates, she investigates a mysterious ruins guarded by a swarm of golems. Unfortunately, Raha has disappeared. Now Liz must explores the ruins, find her missing friend and both must escape the danger zone. Players can destroy the entire enemies to get items, or even hiding, utilizing the existing walls to avoid direct confrontation. Dungeon exploration extends life to levels, which means that if player replay the game more experience points could be obtained for upgrading health, attack and weapons. As you replay the game your weapons level up and you can spend experience points on upgrading your health, attack, etc. There are also hidden weapons to discover in secret passages in levels so the game doesn't feel as linear as it actually is. The soundtrack is also worth a mention because some of the tunes are very memorable. If you like doujin shmups it is definitely worth looking into.
Full Demo 37MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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