Steameria: Tournament (cancelled) Storm Bringer Studios 2013

Steampunk world. Free-to-play, fair-to-play. Oculus Rift integration and optimizations. Cashed tournaments, real money challenging and more. Max 16 player. 12 unique characters at launch. First game in world of Steametia. Free DLC and expansion packs after launch. Steameria realm was forged in parallel universe. Early small kingdoms were slowly eliminated one after another and during 700 year war. Steamerian Empire was established. More than 100 years they lived in piece; Science and innovations age. Fight-to-death tournament always was most popular sport in Steameria but without constant supply of war slaves it started to fade. Fighting with steam powered machines proved not to be challenging. Hunt for best warriors in parallel Universes proved to be profitable business. After kidnap they are called "Kramen", alien warrior without rights. Development was stopped.
Steamaria Prequel Level Demo 904MB (uploaded by IndieDB)

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