Overload Revival Productions, LLC 2017

Early Access Release This is a new six-degree-of-freedom shooter from the creators of Descent. The first Early Access release contains: 4 unique Challenge Mode levels; Infinite and Countdown variants that change the focus to Survival or Efficiency; Optional training level for refining your piloting skills; One sample single-player level (not part of the main campaign); 12 explosive weapons (7 primary weapons and 5 missile); 10 terrifying robot enemies. The focus with Early Access is to make Challenge Mode the best it can be through iteration, polish, and player feedback. They will also be revealing about a third of the single-player campaign with a focus on refinement of the elements present there as well as interface and level complexity/flow. The first update, currently planned for late March/early April, will add the following to the game: One full singleplayer level from the main campaign; One new Challenge Mode level, Hive A new missile, Nova; Top 25 personal scores on leaderboards (in additional to Steam world-wide and friends). By the end of Early Access, it will feature: 10+ Challenge Mode levels; Multiple rule variants in Challenge Mode; XP-based unlocks and permanent upgrades for Challenge Mode; 5 Single-player fully playable campaign levels; 13-14 upgradeable weapons with fully functional upgrade screen in single-player; 15+ robots of varying ferocity. The full game will contain: Single-player story campaign with 15+ FULL-SIZE atmospheric levels; 12+ Challenge Mode levels with tons of replayability; Upgradeable player ship and 16 weapons with multiple upgrade options; 20+ terrifying robot types and 3 massive bosses; Story by the writer of FREESPACE 2, plus pulse-pounding soundtrack; Epic soundtrack by Dan Wentz (DESCENT 2) and Allister Brimble (DESCENT 1 REDBOOK); Multiplayer support 6-8 months after launch; A custom Level Editor will also be released sometime after launch.
Steam Playable Teaser 2.0 (uploaded by Steam)

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