Galactic Core: The Lost Fleet 2017

Early Access Release Experience a fast-paced first person Virtual Reality Shooter that challenges your ability to engage and react under increasing levels of intensity. Unlock Unique Hero Classes - Each packed with its own set of unique abilities and play mechanics, empowering you to undertake missions and handle enemies in the hero’s own distinct combat style. Defeat Multiple Enemy Types - Crawlers, sprinters, ranged shooters, brutes, bosses and flying enemies - introduced gradually as you blast your way through increasingly challenging waves of enemies in the fight for survival. Explore Challenging Missions - each with their own unique scenes, objectives and game modes, coming together to form a short but powerful story-line delivered as interactive cinematic scenes. Short Story - You assume the role of Fleet-Captain "Emperia", one of the most revered battle fleets of the Galactic Core Federation, bestowed with the task of safe-guarding our galaxy. In a most unfortunate turn of events your find your fleet caught in the eye of a meteor storm, inevitably suffering severe damage and casualties. Stranded, you soon discover you are far from being safe, as your ship crash lands on a nearby alien planet, plagued by hostile creatures scourging the land. Soon you find yourself and surviving fleet members fighting for survival in an attempt to hold on just long enough for a rescue team to arrive and evacuate you and your men.
Download: None currently available

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