Hien Legend / Hien Densetsu: Sora no Shou Ikoinomori 2003

Nice vertical action shooter with very nice graphics and good gameplay. Your task it is simple, shoot down enemies in the air. Nice graphics and music will probably attract the most and once you start, you fall on your ass from the gameplay. You can choose from four characters, each of them is a pretty Japanese girl. They differ in their basic properties, and each of them can use another better ability. For example, the one who is flying on a dragon, can better use fire. Besides the fact that you can permanently burn, there are also various spells. First, it's recommended to switch characters on the keyboard for EN (English). If you are not interested in the intro, just press Z. And now to control the game itself: Z - shooting, X - change weapon, C - change spells, V- use magic, otherwise move on arrows.
Free Game 15MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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