Darwin's Bots Duplicator Studio 2017

In 2034, robots are everywhere. After the first crime committed by a robot, a special agency is formed: The Anti Robotic Crime Unit. Follow your training in this new agency. Learn how to use firearms and how to build and control robots. Pass your exam, go on your first mission and hope that it will not be the last one. Episode 1 (Mar 27) uses LabRenderer's SuperSampling. This game is optimized for a SuperSampling x 1.4 for Nvidia GTX 970. You can adjust SuperSampling directly in game. Develloped specifically for virtual reality and HTC Vive. Main features: 12 levels with high graphic quality; Story based on robotics; Full body awareness; Full weapon interaction; Robot construction; Intense fights; Low price.
Download: None currently available

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