Spaceship Looter Luxorix Games 2017

Early Access Release What happens to the ship when the crew dies? It just dangles around the Universe together with other space debris and becomes home for aliens. Almost always such ships are full of valuable cargo any mercenary can take. The terms are as simple as that: you bring the ship to the new owner and all the cargo is yours. The point is not to join the dead members of the crew. This is an action roguelike game, where mercenaries of all stripes rob drifting schooner, lost transtport ships and abandoned military cruisers - all what is filled with tons of valuable loot and hidden in the deep space. Each ship is randomly generated and filled with heavily armed enemies prowling in search of prey. Buy new guns, upgrade abilities of the heroes, buy antiques, fight, and be sure - the booty will be yours. Features: High difficulty, 7 spaceships, Interaction with the mechanisms, Randomly generated levels, Interesting quests, Juicy decoration, Full support of controllers.
Download: None currently available

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