Future Tanks Extreme Developers 2016

This is a 3D online game for players from all over the world that take part in fierce battles. Exciting online tank battles with tanks of the future. Unforgettable battles against real opponents in Sci-Fi vehicles. Upgrade your tank and become stronger, faster, and deadlier. Face your friends in battle and feel the combat power of your tank. You will have lots of tanks and battle locations at your disposal! Invite your friends and play with them absolutely for free. Stunning graphics and intuitive controls will turn your mobile device into a real battlefield. Realistic 3D graphics optimized for your mobile device. Features: Real-time online battles; Wide selection of sci-fi tanks; An elaborate system of equipment upgrades; Intuitive controls that will be appreciated by novices and hardcore gamers alike; Daily combat quests with bonuses for their completion; Possibility to fight in clans; General chat for communications with players from your country; Dynamic battles full of non-stop action. You will fight battles on the arid plains of Mars, at a lunar spaceport, in a alien hive and in eight more battle locations. Take part in tournaments and take the lead in the game rating. Earn all game rewards and share your achievements with friends.
Windows 10 Free Game (uploaded by Microsoft Store)

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