Project Earth: Starmageddon Lemon Interactive Sp. z o.o., We Open Eyes / DreamCatcher Interactive Inc. 2002

Years from now the people of Earth colonize another planet called Cognita, found near Rigel Kentaurius (Alpha Centauri A). It is the only place besides Earth where the human race can survive and grow. That is, however, until another planet is discovered. 68 light years from Earth and not far from Aldebaran, one of the Taurus constellation's stars, the "third Earth" awaits. Not long after the discovery, a fleet of Sundivers, mind controlled ships the size of large cities, begin the trek to the new planet. But on the way there, they are intercepted by an alien race. While controlling one of the many Sundivers, build an army with enough fire power to defend the rest of the fleet from the new enemy, and continue the mission to colonize the "third Earth".
AlcoholClone ISO Demo 256MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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