Battle Riders OneManTeam 2017

Battle your way to first place in this engaging combat racing game. It offers adrenaline pumping, high-octane action and a lot of fun. Win races and complete the career mode, which spans over 120 events, to unlock great cars, exciting tracks and fun challenges. The game features 3 racing tiers, with higher tiers enabling higher speed and better weapons. Hit the tracks in 6 racing modes: Duel, Battle Race, Survival, Elimination, Clean Race and Time Trial. Choose from 7 unique cars, specially built to sustain the challenges of combat racing. The cars performance and visuals can be customized. Equip weapons from 5 different types: Machinegun, Missiles, Mines, EMP and Raygun. Use your weapons to wreck the other cars and gain an important advantage in the race. Wrecking opponents awards credits that can be used to buy upgrades and weapons. Blast your way to greatness on 9 tracks across 3 different environments. Each track also features a reversed version, for a total of 18 tracks. Three types of powerups can be found on the tracks: Ammo, Boost and Health. Completing career tiers unlocks fun challenge modes: Time Attack, Minefield and Barrels. Unlock great achievements and compete for the first places on the Wrecks Leaderboard. Notes: The game is only single-player.
Download: None currently available

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