Tequila Zombies 3 IriySoft 2017

Once in Mexico near the US border, Miguel visited a bar where he wanted to spend a night drinking booze and hanging out with girls. But with the sunset all the people in the bar turned into zombies. After a great bloody party, Miguel left the bar with a hot chick... that turned into vampire and tried to kill him. Miguel managed to survive with the help from Jaqueline - a Mexican cop girl. Jaqueline told Miguel that Mexico is taken over by zombies so they decided to move to US on a copter. This is where the story begins in this third part of a series where the first two games were free browser-playable flash games. Jaqueline and Miguel meet an unusual ally and this band of three fights their way through the hordes of zombies, vampires and demons to get one thing... The thing you can die for. Key features: Bloody massacre; Famous zombies; Three heroes with unique super-powers; Tons of weapons; Vampire Hunters magazine with hot undead chicks; Cut scenes and story.
Download: None currently available

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