Bone Monkeys vs. Dinosaurs / Save The Dinos Kaibridge, Inc. / Aspyr Media 2006

This is a zany computer game that matches authentically drawn, digitally accurate to scale dinosaurs against monkeys at the ready with mallets, snow balls and mud, and other devices to steal the bones of unsuspecting dinosaurs. Players must use skill and knowledge to save the dinos, who, of course, need their skeletons! In return, players fire beach balls, bowling balls, anti-gravity capsules and freezing cubes to "bonk" the monkeys useless. The game was designed by Greg Johnson to make use of an animation engine technology called DinoMorph developed at the University of Oregon. The object of the game is to save skeletal dinosaurs from the evil bone monkeys that swarmed and tried to break them into pieces by shooting a beachball cannon at the monkeys to knock them away from the dinosaur. It features skeletal dinosaurs rigged with physics and a 2.5D cartoonish style. Gameplay also includes educational elements to teach concepts in paleontology to children as they play the game.
Save The Dinos - AlcoholClone ISO Demo 215MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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