Dead Ringer Paulina Pabis & MichaƂ Pabis 2017

A spooky sci-fi horror game from the creators of "Eyes - the horror game". Driven by ideals, young scientist Dr. Laird seeks to secure the global peace using his controversial nanorobotic inventions. Gifted but naive, he accidentally corrupts nanorobots supervisor A.I. program. Hence, M.I.R.A. is born - self-aware artificial intelligence, malicious and driven enough to follow her twisted agenda ferociously. Do you have what it takes to intercept and terminate her cold, virtual brain? Enter M.I.R.A.'s base of operations and try to outsmart her traps and security systems. Defend yourself against M.I.R.A.'s twisted biological experiments and monstrosities. Move unseen using evasive tactics and Cloaking Module, or fight with brutal force using shock rifle. Gather pieces of information (diaries, data logs, e-mails) scattered throughout the mission site to recreate the course of events. Experience deep, dark atmosphere of horror and terror with climatic ambient music and believable sound effects. Refine your avatar with various upgrades to stand a chance against M.I.R.A.
Free Game v1.0.2 110MB (uploaded by GameJolt)

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