Rag-Shoot Studio-ray 2008

A Ragnarok Online strip shooting game with 5 types of evolving player characters. A new sensation of shooting. Use the mouse to move your character in all directions. Icons on the left and right show you which skills and items you've acquired. Passive skills work automatically; select others to unleash hell. In this game you play as either an archer or a mage and your task is to shoot down enemies while at the same destroying piece by piece of a certain RO’s girl clothing. You can level up your character, your skill, and buy items to heal your HP and SP. If you’re playing the mage then you control with mouse while Archer controls with keyboard. Strip the background CGs of their clothes in real time whilst you pummel the enemy. There are 8 images x 9 stages for 72 total CGs! (only 3 poses though).
Free Game + Patch v1.51 86MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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