Invasion brutalsoft 2017

Early Access, Full Release Date: Jun 15/2018 This is bullet-hell shoot 'em up, a direct descendant of Galaxian video game with new ideas and technical implementation. If you like a non-stop shooting and full screen explosions - this is your game. Take the tank and destroy the alien ships or aliens will destroy you. You can choose different tanks, and use tactical nukes to fight the enemies. Buy and upgrade an assortment of tanks and weapons to roll them into battle. Those machineguns, plasma cannons, railguns, cannons, bombs and missiles will be worth everything you spend on ’em. And, of course, the game wouldn't be so awesome without the coolest Synth Melodic Progressive Power Death Thrash Speed Everything I Forgot The Words Metal soundtrack. We seek to develop our project even further, adding new episodes, sweet features, enemies and comic-style cutscenes. Even better, we're also going to expand the soundtrack and remaster it into a solid album. Features: the slow-mo mode; the nuclear strrrike; the shot deflection ability; upgrades for weapons; many tanks to choose from, each with a lot of room for further upgrades; the sharpshooting reward system and combat statistics; and a bloody lot of hardcore massacre action with tons of deadly lead.
Download: None currently available

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