RoadkillerZ Black Room Games 2017

Early Access Release Hidden deep beneath the Breather metropolises are vast Undercities carved out by slaving Undead Skags where the zombie masters rule through Deep In The Dead. Even further down still are the infernal hellholes where all manners of foulness, evil and monstrosity live. An unliving hell just under our feet. This is a game about life in the darkness, the horror relieved only by the weekly SCUMBALL DERBY RACE. WHEN THERE IS NO MORE ROOM ON THE TRACK TO DRIVE... YOU JUST HAVE TO RUN THEM OVER. When you die from a "terminal disease" they send you down here. As cannon fodder for the cars. These souped-up, armored and armed jalopies are designed to race, built to crash, and perfected to mow over as many Zombies as they can. SO THROW IT IN DRIVE AND GRIND EM UP. SPLAT GOES THE ZOMBIE. IF THE BLOOD AIN'T FLYIN, YOU AIN'T TRYIN. Features: they have designed absolutely unique control system for this game and called it "KANT Controls", which is great possibility for VR users to find themselves fully immersed into the VR driving game; There's already 2 unique vehicles and plan to add 2 more in the nearest future; Running over Zombies gives you power-ups, but there is a system to the madness - Can you figure out all its intricacies; two arenas so far, but are planning to add more; Use NITRO to boost your speed, but don't use it too often; Kill enough zombies and activate your backup Rocket Gun; Excellent car and driving physics will be developed further; Story is written by Mark Rein-Hagen, Creator of Vampire: The Masquerade, the World of Darkness and I AM ZOMBIE.
Download: None currently available

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