Airmen Airborne Games 2017

This is a first person shooter where players build and battle their own custom airships. Start with an empty hangar and build a steampunk airship piece by piece. Once your ship is ready, you and up to four friends can crew your airship together into combat. Operate your vessel and destroy or commandeer others all in first person! Airships are destroyed exactly how they're built: piece by piece. Build your own airship with a growing catalog of 70+ parts. Equip your ships with cannons, gatling guns, pigeon-guided missiles, rams, harpoons, railguns, and player operated turrets. Battle 4v4 against human or AI airships. Crew your airship with a up to 4 friends. Board your enemies and commandeer their ship. Destroy airships by destroying individual components: an airship without engines can't power it's guns.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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