Overdriven Reloaded TOMAGameStudio 2016

Shoot' Em Up, Vertical Fast & Fun. The Overdriven Ship is back in a new and enhanced version: More better, more intense, and more beautiful. Features: 1 to 4 Players (Local Co-op); 6 Game-Modes - Story, Arcade, Manic (no healthbar for player), The Line, 7 Challenges; 56 Puzzle-Maps ( Color-Reflex Mode / A Match 3 with bullets ); and a Boss Rush; 2 SpaceShips ( + 1 unlockable); 4 Difficulties (EASY - NORMAL - HARD- NIGHTMARE) in Story Mode; 35 Alien Artifacts to find; 7 space cows to find; 39 Steam achievements; Steam Leaderboards; A great original Rock soundtrack.

See also: #Special Edition Upgrade

Download: None currently available

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