Tokukou Shojo Daisessen 2002

This horizontal shooter has you play as a cute witch shooting down the enemy and grabbing bombs to destroy the enemy base. There are other girls in little planes like yours hidden in blimps scattered across each stage - grab them and they'll dock onto your ship, giving you their unique shot power, and the person you control in this bizarre avian conga lane changes at the start of every stage. The girls contribute to the sole minor change (as well as loop, holding the second button charges a Kamikaze Meter- let go and one or more girls will fly out, which is a powerful attack but you'll have to grab the girl again afterwards). Each girl has a ridiculously powerful main attack which will rip the advancing enemy army to shreds. The starting girl has a diagonal attack that can kill enemies behind you, one of the others throws out homing projectiles (which are all copies of the main character from Rabio Lepus/Rabbit Punch for some reason) and whether they're all connected or not, their firepower overwhelms the enemy.
Full Demo 36MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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