Breach of Contract Online Aidan Gignac 2017

This is a tactical modern First-Person Shooter Game. Experience the biggest modern war ever. It takes place in 2021 and during that time the United States Marines had a contact with a private military contractor. Somewhere along the line the ties were broken. Now there is a massive conflict between the two factions. All out war is underway and you must take your pick between Shadow Company Mercs or the US Marines. Features: Server Browser, Team Deathmatch & FFA, In-Game Currency, 5 Maps, 6-12 players per match, Over a dozen weapons, Chat System (Team/Global). It's a highly competitive First-Person Shooter. Compete with players all across the board. Battle against players in multiple terrains from deserts to urban cities. Epic battles from 6-12 player matches allowing absolute chaos. With so many players to kill and GP to earn to purchase new weapons for battle what are you waiting for? Play endless amounts of time in the game. The game is centered around the idea of simplistic and addictive gameplay. You build ties with the shooter because of all it has to offer. The times of simple First-Person games are long gone with Call of Duty & Halo. What ever happened to how simple and entertaining these games were? It brings all of this back. Earn so many weapons in this game to make you the best. Progressive System - Earn more weapons by killing enemy players. Accumulate GP (Gamepoints) and purchase new weapons. There are NO microtransactions for this title.
Download: None currently available

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