Ranger, The: Lost Tribe Leiting Interactive 2017

This is an Action RPG with focus on real time fights and exploring. It offers over four (4) hours worth of glorious gaming experience and will give you a good challenge. You will start at the Base Camp were you can play around with Sword, Crossbow, Bow, Shield and Spear. Once you leave the Camp you will only have your Sword and your Shield and it is up to you to find the other ones. Besides the standard sword fighting mechanism it also includes stealth kills and dismemberment. On top of it you can also enchant your weapon with your found resources. It also supports different locomotion styles. Basically it opens up for you a big area for you to explore. You may stumble across some things that you can't use yet because they belong to the story we have planned. Key features: huge environment for you to explore; save feature (checkpoints); you decide how you approach the enemies; different weapons; stealth kills; dismemberment; different locomotion options; enchant feature. Helpful hints for your survival: Regain life by eating fruits or meat that you can find on plants or as drops; Plan your steps and how you approach the enemy. Tanking on several enemies at once can be dangerous; Use the stealth kill feature to avoid unnecessary fights; Use the throw mechanic to take out enemies further away; Cast fire on your sword to gain advantage of bigger enemies.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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