Damascus Gear Operation Tokyo HD Arc System Works 2017

This is a Mecha Hack'n'Slash with full HD graphics. Ride in the Anti-RAGE Weapon System "Gears", destroy enemies, salvage for parts and upgrade your Gear, to reclaim the world. Included in the PC version are all of the extra scenarios formerly introduced as DLCs in the PlayStation Vita system release. The "Hero Creation" mode, which depicts a new story after the end of the main story, has also been included. World War IV. A war by humans, with an ending that no humans had possibly hoped for. The humanoid weapon system "Gears", which formed the primary battle force of any war-front, went berserk on a massacre against humanity. In a blink of an eye, most of humanity's civilization has been annihilated, forcing the remaining survivors to live in underground shelters. The berserk Gears were then called "RAGE". Over time, humanity slowly regained control over several Gears, and has now risen up to battle over the reign for the surface, against the RAGE. Clear Countless Numbers of Missions - As a new member of the Specialist Organization Freya, you will undertake many missions to reclaim Tokyo from the RAGE. There are over 50 missions, including everything from subjugation to escorts, transportation of materials, rescues, etc. You will use your own personalized Gear to fight the RAGE, and recapture the surface. You can take various parts from the RAGE that you have defeated, and use them to strengthen your own Gear. At the Dock, you can customize your Gear with parts taken from the RAGE, and strengthen your Gear. There are various types of usable parts, ranging from armor to weapons, and you can customize your Gear to fit your combat style. Furthermore, some of these parts may have special "Properties" to strengthen your Gear further. There are times when the parts you obtain have effects known as "Properties" on them. Equipping these parts will grant your Gear with additional effects. There are various Properties, including useful effects such as enhanced endurance, or speed boost.
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