001 Game Creator - 3D FPS / Survival Horror Kit SoftWeir Inc. 2017

The 3D FPS Expansion DLC provides 001 Game Creator users with a brand new template designed to create first-person shooter games. The package comes with a variety of 3D assets and pre-made maps and interfaces, with pre-configured controls, to allow users to immediately jump in and start building their dream FPS game. Players can build directly off this template or use the assets/scripts to create their own from scratch. Feature Highlights: HD resources with a 720p screen setup; 145 unique sound effects; FPS mouse controls set-up for walking/looking around; Grenade throwing and weapon recoil with varied aiming accuracy; AI enemies; Various player boosters; Built-in puzzle mechanics. HD Models/Animations: 5 guns; 4 melee weapons; 40+ environment objects; Male and female arm rigs; 4 zombie enemies; 2 soldiers (male/female) with outfits; 2 room kits including flooring, walls, doors and trims.
Download: None currently available

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