Expanse Chjonn Studios 2017

Warp off into the Expanse and into the midst of battle with up to 4 players, as you try to rid the universe of the various space factions which control 6 star systems across the galaxy. In each star system the bullets will be flying as you battle countless enemies and test your wits against massive boss battles. With its clean, low poly graphics, it makes it easier for you to keep track of everything going on as the battle heats up. Warp off into the Expanse alone or with up to 4 players in local co-op. Battle your way through the campaign spread across 6 star systems. Survive as long as possible in Eternal mode, where random difficulty modifiers are activated periodically. Challenge yourself in the additional game modes, Survival, Gatekeeper, Reckoning and Warpzone. Fight against unique enemies in each star system, making each star system different to the last. Defeat the epic bosses which await you in each star system. Customise your ship before heading off into battle with thousands of different ship variations available. Hull - Purely visual so choose whichever you like best. Weapon - Each weapon has unique shooting patterns which change the way you play. Shield - Each shield has an ability which triggers once your shield has depleted. Engine - Charge your engine by moving around then release a powerful ability. Special - Your special ability which becomes available once charged. Up the difficulty to have difficulty modifiers challenge you further. Try your hand at completing all the achievements, some of which ask you to complete difficult tasks while battling the bosses. Destroy enemies to score points and collect their scrap to increase your score multiplier and try to top the online leaderboards.
Download: None currently available

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