Spartaga House of How 2017

Spartaga starfighters battle through a VR Bullet-Hell. Jump into a classic arcade game re-imagined for Virtual Reality. Spartaga's combat gameplay, challenging enemies, and arcade atmosphere will immerse you in the action. A game of fast reactions, skill, and consistent battles so you can achieve mastery. VR Motion controls let you pull off split second dodges and powerful attacks just by moving your arm - your starfighter sits in your hand. Game Features: Intuitive controls- Dodge and shoot effortlessly; 32 Handcrafted Stages (not procedural waves); 5 Play Modes; 4 Challenging Bosses; 27 Enemies with Unique Behaviors and Attacks; 4 Upgradeable Secondary Weapons including Multi Strike, Invulnerability, Smash, Slowmo, and Blast Missile; Synchronized art and music- both retro and Carbon Based Lifeforms soundtracks; Unlockable skins; Leaderboards and Stage Ranks for dozens of hours of replay. In addition to the pulse thumping retro soundtrack, take a breather and play in Carbon Mode. They've partnered with Carbon Based Lifeforms, one of the world’s most popular ambient electronica artists. CBL is a duo from Sweden, providing an alternative music set to help you get into a meditative combat flow.
Download: None currently available

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