Cyber VR DAR Studio 2017

Early Access Release It is the year of 2670. Globaltek is a monopolist in the field of defense technology and at any cost you have to grab the power module at a specially protected base. In addition to artificial intelligence, you will have to interfere with other hunters for these top-secret technologies, because many influential people would like to change the past and that’s why they send the best fighters. Features: Elaborate dynamic gameplay with artificial intelligence and ultimate goal; Single-user and multi-user (up to 8 people) modes; Realistic, high-quality graphics; Various options for tactical action; Quick choice of weapons and special items (password cracker, magnet, etc.); Realistic body / cyber-suit image, as well as individual choice of color and highlighting; 3 motion variants (physical / teleportation / sensor); And much more, but one look is worth a thousand words.
Download: None currently available

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