Aliens & Asteroids crowgames UG (haftungsbeschränkt) 2017

Early Access Release This is a small fast paced space shoot 'em up. It is inspired by the classic arcade game Asteroids improved with new features, like a number of different enemies and bosses, powerful abilities, use items and power-ups. See how long you can survive in an unending fight against hordes of hostile aliens and enemy bosses. Fight through different stages, collect power-ups to improve your ship, use mighty use items to clear the screen of any enemies, but whatever you do never let your shields deplete. It's a hobby project of one person. Everything except the music was created by him. He plans to support and add to it for quite a while (further items, enemies, stages and bosses). Features: 4 difficult Bosses; 5 different enemy types with stronger elite versions; Powerful abilities; Unlockable Power-ups and Use items; 4 Stages.
Download: None currently available

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