Loveless Monokey 2004

This is a vertically scrolling shooter by the creator of Force Majeure and Bollen. Your ship is equipped with a vulcan cannon, warp speed module, and a plasma shield-system. Hold the Z key to use the vulcan cannon. As default you will only be able to fire three bullets at once. Once you get a power-up sphere you will be able to fire additional bullets. Each time you get hit by enemy bullet you will lose one level. The plasma shield can be used to nullify enemy bullets. When the X key is pressed, the shield will be activated for a fraction of a second. In this time any enemy bullet that touches the shield will be destroyed and additional points will be added to the score. The shield will drain four bars from the power gauge. The power gauge refills over time and when shooting down enemy aircraft. The last feature of the child of light is the warp speed module. Simply press the C key to engage warp speed. The screen turns red and everything will slow down, except for the child of light. This is useful to escape enemies and bullets. To disengage warp speed, tap the C key again. When in warp speed, the power gauge will be drained very quickly.
Free Game v1.1 49MB (uploaded by

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