Replicore Cyborg Arm Games / Akella 2008

In the near future, a video game system is invented that is a complete virtual environment. Players can see, feel, and smell everything inside of this virtual world. This system is called the Replicore.
You play as William, the first beta tester of this virtual world. Games for the Replicore come from all corners of the gaming world, such as WW2, Survival Horror, Puzzle, and RPG. But as you begin testing these environments, things start to go horribly wrong. People and places from the Replicore world start to exist in the real world. The system places the entire facility on lockdown, and the vile creatures it creates begin to butcher the trapped developers.
You are their only hope.
Replicore is another game made using FPS Creator, by Luke Porter aka Luke314pi. It features 12 levels of action bound together by a unique story and game environment. The main game contains 1-2 hours of gameplay, and the game can be replayed for an alternate ending and unlockable secret weapons. But contrary to Darkest Island, the full game costs now (only) 4$. In Feb/2017, the game was made freeware.
Full Demo 376MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Freeware Game 224MB (uploaded by Niclauke)

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